X-Ray Recycling

BMC Recycling will pick up, responsibly handle and refine your x-ray film, all the while staying within Hippa guidlines and compliance. Almost all printing film and x-rays contain silver and as precious as it is, it’s also very harmful to the environment. So much so that the government has made it mandatory that all facilities employ companies like ourselves to handle this waste to their satisfaction. The good news is that it doesn’t cost you! In-fact, it pays!

About our X-Ray Film Recycling Services

We provide x-ray film pick-up and recycling services anywhere in the United States. We pay cash for all silver recovered from x-ray film including medical, lithgraphic film industrial NDT film, as well as radiograph and negatives which contain silver. BMC Recycling will pick up, confidentially manage and destroy personal information from almost all film types using recycling methods that will strip the silver from the film and clear PET plastic with no visible image left on the film. We pay you cash for the silver that is stripped from your x-ray film.

How does our x-ray recycling work?

It’s simple! You contact us, we will pick-up the film for free for recycling / refining, we will then provide you a report of the total weight that was received and mail you a certificate of destruction and a check for your recycled x-ray film.