As the leading scrap metal recycling company, BMC Recycling accepts other materials for recycling that are not accepted by other recycling companies.  Some of our unusual scrap collection items are platinum thermocouple wire, and x-ray film.  These items can be sorted, disassembled, and sent through the recycling process.  Each one of these has its own unique uses.


Industries that have processes that involve heating things, cooling things, or measuring temperatures, then there is a quantity of used thermocouple wire present.  This wire, if no longer in use, can be extracted and recycled. The reasons to recycle thermocouple wire, especially platinum thermocouple wire, includes:

  • Short Service Life – The typical use in high-temperature settings, on production lines and elsewhere, results in quick wear and tear and frequent replacement. Instituting a recycling program to recapture a profitable percentage of its value makes sense.
  • Several Types – There are several types of thermocouple wires but most often used to carry thermoelectric signals a long way. You may have more thermocouple wiring than you thought.
  • Precious Metals – With the amount of thermocouple wires possibly in your possession, you may have a high quantity of precious metals such as: molybdenum, nickel, palladium, platinum, rhenium, rhodium, tungsten, or even gold.


BMC Recycling offers X-ray recycling services.  Our services include chemical removal and recycling of silver from imaging films. Our recycling process, for x-rays, is designed to preserve integrity of radiology services and follows all local, state, and federal regulations including HIPAA. All X-ray film is treated and stored as confidential information. We have the capabilities to recycle and refine the following:

  • Medical X-Rays
  • MRI Scans
  • Dental X-Rays
  • Veterinary X-Rays
  • Industrial X-Rays
  • Other Radiology Sheets

From wiring to x-rays and more, BMC Recycling is available and ready to help you recycle your unwanted items.  Call us today for more information. (214)493-8363