The overall purpose of BMC Recycling is to recycle as much scrap metal as process and make it available for buyers as needed. Every piece of scrap metal brought into our facility will be inspected and weighed. We will purchase scrap metal according to the daily scrap metal rate. Scrap metal recycling refers to the collection of various metals at the end of their useful life, and sorting them per metal types and quality. Next, the metal is processed, purified, and used to make new products out of the recycled metals. Metals can be recycled multiple types without losing their physical properties.  Therefore, the more the recycling process is utilized the better the environmental impact.

Steel scrap metal normally comes from machinery and equipment, which is obsolete, such as autos, railroad cars, home appliances and demolition metal from buildings and other old structures. Recycled metals are sold to domestic and foreign customers who purchase recycled ferrous metals to produce new steel.

The recycling process consists of some basic steps: collection, sorting, processing, melting, purification, solidifying, and transportation of final product.  BMC Recycling has the dedicated facilities to handle any size and amount of scrap metal for recycling.  We work with companies directly to remove unwanted scrap metal.  Construction sites and industrial complexes have unusual amounts of scrap metal that needs disposal and is ripe for recycling.  If you have a scrap metal that you want off your hands, call BMC Recycling and we can help.

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