A whole lot of nonprofit organizations allow you to donate your alloy to a cause and they’ll pick it up. As a reliable metal recycler to customers around the country and particularly Dallas, BMC Recycling is dedicated to establishing long-term business relationships through superior customer care and competitive pricing. Our clients quickly find that our one stop shop plan contributes to considerable time and cost savings to their companies, since they don’t have to employ several contractors to look after their needs.

It is important to enlist the support of a dependable and professional scrap metal recycling firm, such as BMC Recycling. If you’re looking for commercial scrap metal recycling solutions, BMC Recycling of Dallas has all the capability to help even large industrial customers, by providing local specialized service for all your trash metal demands. Our clean and attractive facilities help to make your recycling efforts a good deal easier.

Next time you are spring cleaning, consider the varieties of items you’d ordinarily consider garbage, and recycle them instead. Were you aware platinum is found in catalytic converters? Take a little extra time to check for possible recyclable items and before long you’ll discover cash adding up. If it’s your very first time to use BMC Recycling or you have been coming here for many years, we wish to provide the very best superior service.

Our staff is ready to take care of all scrap metal tasks that you have anywhere across the USA and Dallas. You may rely on BMC Recycling of Dallas, TX to offer competitive prices and constantly keep you current on the latest scrap metal prices. Sorting the accumulated metal scrap is simply step one, as a result of the amount of different metals. Metals and their unique properties are intriguing materials. Wrought iron consists of almost 100 percent iron. Nonferrous metal comprises no iron chemicals. Melting the scrap metal requires them to be taken to smelting facilities once it is shredded.

For more information about Scrap Metal Recycling, call (214)493-8363. We look forward to working with you to make the world a little “greener”!