Aircraft Jet Engines Refined

Environmentally Responsible Recovery
Turn your old parts, scrap, and other discarded non-usable items into an asset by having us refine them for precious metals. When you are unsure of what to do with your precious metal bearing materials, or if you are looking for top dollar, we can refine it to 99.99% pure. Our state-of-the-art, environmentally compliant facility. We will turn your scrap and un-refined materials into cash.



Our experience allows us to recovery precious metals in an environmentally responsable manner. We are able to refine most grades of materials that contain precious metals. Our clients come from various industries

  • Aircraft / Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Aircraft Graveyards
  • Government
  • etc…



We will consider almost any size lot of material for precious metal recovery. We strive to expedite recovery times and to provide prompt payments to suit our customers needs. We have a number of options for handling your materials and arranging for payment, from outright purchase of the materials to charging for the refining and returning the precious metals along with the raw materials the precious metals were recovered from.

Competitive Payments


We can recover platinum from turbine blades. We can purchase the material outright or process it and return the material to you. We have many years experience processing platinum off of HPT blades for our clients.

Single Crystal Alloy Cleaning Service for Vacuum Melt

One of our specialties is the cleaning and preperation of scrap turbine blades for vacuum melt. We offer fast service on your material and return it to you perfectly clean and dry, ready for vacuum melt. On material that is platinum coated you will receive a check for your share of the recovery rather than having to pay to have it cleaned. Please give us a call, we would like to earn your business.

Experts on the removal of Aluminum Oxide and Zirconium Oxide Coatings!!!